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 The Guardian: Geraldine Rael

Geraldine Rael
Geraldine Rael

Geraldine Rael, eldest daughter of Joseph Rael, “Beautiful Painted Arrow,” is a member of the Southern Ute Tribe and a descendant of Picuris Pueblo on her father’s side. She received the name, “Paah-Paah-Wee (Spring Flower) from her father’s foster parents, Lucia and Agapito Martinez, Picuris Pueblo. Metaphorically, Paah-Paah-Wee means renewal awakening which defines her purpose entirely.

In 2017, by her father’s request, Geraldine gracefully and humbly accepted to take on his legacy with the mandate to oversee the integrity of his Visionary Sacred Dance Ceremonies and continue to expand his teachings and format within the current needs of our evolutionary world. From her Colorado home, close to dad, she has begun to transform her life into one of devotion and service. To the best of her abilities, with complete support and blessings from her father, Geraldine prays to become a guiding light to the worldwide community of his Sacred Dance Ceremonies, leaders, and participants.

This site is an invitation for you, the rainbow of humanity. All races and gender affiliations, all cultural, political, and religious backgrounds are welcome here to learn about and participate in Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Sacred Visions. The non-denominational Sacred Dance Ceremonies are a way to heal and purify body, mind, and spirit. By moving while being carried with the “ancient sounds,” your personal effort increases and brightens your vibrational light being, infusing your heart with courage and faith, and beautifying your presence in the world! Geraldine strongly believes that this time is crucial for all generations to get on with their spiritual work and become active agents of positive change for all living things and beings on the planet.

Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly to allow unconditional love to manifest. Open your heart and bring your child-like innocent mind to discover the pathways to “Being & Vibration” ( Let yourself be moved with the potentiality of expanding your existence by joining the international tribe of truth seekers, movers, and shakers into this unique, profoundly holy, and transformative way to enlightenment. Become a beacon of light. The world needs you!

Invitation to Sacred Dance Ceremonies

Geraldine’s Personal Invitation:

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