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The Legacy of Joseph Rael

Welcome to the Vibrational World of Beautiful Painted Arrow!

Through his training, extensive studies and mystical experiences beginning at an early age, Joseph transcended the indigenous wisdom traditions he was born into, to become a true global mystic and sound healing visionary, fulfilling his destiny to carry this profoundly transforming knowledge across the globe.

Joseph speaks of the unified force field that comprises the Universe, the place where we came from, bringing deeper understanding through metaphor and grounded, practical ways.

Guided by his teachings and visions, people from around the world were inspired to take action. Spirit quest awakening dances, sacred ceremonies, sound healing and chanting, and the construction of over 100 Peace Chambers worldwide, have brought deep transformational experiences and empowering practices to the modern seeker.

His beloved book, Being & Vibration: Entering The New World, (newly edited in 2015)  first published in 1983, brought life-changing teachings into the mainstream.  A prolific author, publishing numerous books, creating amazing ‘portal’ artwork, teaching audio and video files, he passionately devoted his life to living and teaching the visions he was gifted that the world could know unity,  peace, and unconditional love.

For in-depth information and to access his work and prolific material go to his webpage:

You can order his latest book Becoming Medicine: Pathways of Initiation Into A Living Spirituality, co-authored with David R. Kopacz, MD at

Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Ceremony for Veterans at:

Becoming Medicine, Initiation Ceremony /// Sound Peace Chamber, a Personal Story Arbor Day Ceremony at:
2020 interview with David Kopacz, MD: 

Synopsis of Joseph’s Life


– Joseph Rael was born in 1935 on the Southern Ute Reservation, Colorado.

– Between the age of 7 and 10, after his mother’s death, Joseph moved to Picuris Pueblo, New Mexico, where he received his Tiwa spirit name “Tsluu teh koy ay,” translated as “Beautiful Painted Arrow.” Antonio Simbola, the village Holy Man who gave him the name, takes him as an apprentice, and under his teaching and guidance, Joseph developed his visionary powers. At 12 years of age, Joseph began assisting him in curing practices.

– As a scholar, Joseph holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin and worked in social services in both New Mexico and Colorado until his mid-forties.

– At age 45, Joseph quit his profession to dedicate his life entirely to his “Visionary Work.” By 1983, he became the source of inspiration for the building of Sound Peace Chambers and Sacred Dance Ceremonies all over the world.

– In 2017, at the age of  83, Joseph Rael passed the “baton” to his eldest daughter Geraldine, Paah-Paah-Wee, to guide, guard, and care for the numerous Sacred Dance Ceremonies at the four corners of the earth.

The international community of seekers practicing under Beautiful Painted Arrow‘s rainbow of knowledge and wisdom is exponentially growing and transforming the world one prayer and one action at a time!

Meaning of “Beautiful Painted Arrow”

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“There is an ancient Tiwa story of a magical arrow that hunters kept with them that was never to be used for hunting—but only in case of emergencies.
When this magical arrow was shot, it would arch up and travel for miles and miles back to the village, where a medicine man would retrieve it, and would send a rainbow bridge back along the curve of the arrow’s arch, back to the hunters, guiding them home with an unmistakable double rainbow.

In the deeply metaphoric and verb-based Tiwa language, this arrow was considered simultaneously a messenger and a message. An Elder or medicine man would shoot a question, situation, or problem up to Great Spirit—sent as a beautifully “painted arrow” of intention and prayer—arching up into Divinity. A glowing rainbow would be sent back by Creator—bringing illumination.
Picuris Pueblo life was centered on being in this state of communion and harmony with the sacred—and that included being in harmony with the spiritual name you were given. Your spoken name represented the in and out breath of God, carrying the vibration of your unique inborn gifts. Beautiful Painted Arrow is the name”. (excerpt from Being & Vibration, Joseph Rael & Mary Elizabeth Marlow )

About Sacred Sound Peace Chambers

“…..Sounds of the consonants and vowels are in our genetic code. They resonate with the principle ideas, energies, vibrations found in nature, and beyond them there are silent sounds. These sounds are also in our genetic code so that as we are verbalizing them we are calling them into existence….”

“…We go back to chanting to understand our relationship with these inner resonances. We want to awaken them in our physical body again and again and become aware of the vibrations that enhance positive growth, healing, and beauty within us all..”

Storyteller, Audio files from Sound, native teachings and visionary art:  vowel sounds and their esoteric meanings.mp3.

About Sacred Dance Ceremonies

“….When we dance, we are fasting and we are using effort and with that effort, we are breaking out old patterns, we are breaking old forms not just for ourselves but also for the planet as well as the patterns of past generations….”

“Fasting and dancing are an important part of the process of enlightenment. In dancing, we fuse Awareness in the Self and bring forth Goodness. That’s the basic reason we are dancing, it’s an enhancement of our beauty. It’s an enhancement of our Goodness. Breath Matter and Movement Wah Mah Chi, in its very essence, is the vibration that feeds the hunger of our soul…”

Storyteller, Audio files from Sound, native teachings and visionary art: audio files; effort/dance, mp3.

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